Questions and Answers

How do I report a problem ?

Please mail stating the platform the software is run on, error codes or messages if they appear.

Installation blocks , I get error -115

The file cannot be written probably because it is read-only. Remove this attribute so that the installer may update to a newer version. This concerns :

This has apparently been fixed with the new version of the InstallShield Installer.

Help doesn't work.

Help requires new system help included with IE4 or W98 but not included in this package. The wnbrowse.chm help file is in the Compiled HtMl format. The same help is available in uncompiled HTLM native format.

I get  Missing Export in OLE32.DLL

This is an installation bug. Both TreeWalk and the COM server depend on newer versions of ole32.dll than the ones in the original W95 release . The problem is being addressed in a new version of the setup programme.

Since this seems to be the general case, do you have a fix?  If not, isn't it kind of silly to distribute for win95 if it won't work?

This is not the general case but it does happen in earlier releases of W95, in case you have little new software installed. I can't trace it to when (pre-OSR2 releases ?) this changed.  There is indeed a fix : upgrade the COM subsystem to the newer versions found in W98. This can be done with DCOM95.EXE to be downloaded from Microsoft's Web site ( ) or as a copy available here. Sorry, I have been overworked ... and forgot to mention the fix. This problem has been fixed in install B of version 1.7.