WordNet TreeWalk commands

lookcmd.gif (230 octets) lookup word or collocation (or Enter key)
recurcmd.gif (1001 octets) recurse to top/bottom of hierarchy

filter.gif (933 octets)

filter - only senses with link of the specified type will be displayed

newwin.gif (936 octets)

open new tiled window

display filter

syn.gif (858 octets)

display synset

synunf.gif (882 octets)

display unfolded synset

def.gif (871 octets)

display definition gloss
link.gif (932 octets) display links

example.gif (864 octets)

display example
framecmd.gif (903 octets) display verb frames

frameex.gif (866 octets)

display verb frame example
backcmd.gif (164 octets) back to last word