WordNet COM server and Active Server Pages

The wordnetXX.dll is an in-process COM server and can be used as a front-end to the database.
It works on an NT box with Internet Information Server and Active Server Pages support installed.
The idea is to have server-side scripts build pages on-the-fly.

On install, choose the custom option, and tick the Active Server Page option. This will copy the query page (default.htm) and result page including the JScript (wnsearch.htm).

The query page.

queryview.gif (34147 octets)

The result page as built by the server

replyview.gif (34580 octets)

1-register the dll if not already done, use regsvr32
2-write a query page
3-write an active Server Page including JScript or VBScript which uses the active-X object Wordnet.Wordnet.5